Consulting Services

Consulting Services
What is the difference between a good consultant and a great one?
It is coming up with strategies, and solutions that don’t just address a situation, but actually helps to improve it.
At Albataksa – Accounting, Assurance, Financial Reporting, Tax and Legal, we go beyond compliance and work with client management to develop, and implement growth and profit strategies that create breakthrough performance improvements. We help businesses achieve their goals by increasing revenues, reducing costs, and enhancing their customer satisfaction.
Our range of consulting services is designed to address our clients’ short- and long-term operating needs. Companies of all sizes rely on us to provide turnkey solutions.
Corporate Financing
Our experts provides’ the resources to finance middle-market companies. Putting to use our extensive network of strategic alliances with lending/capital sources throughout the United States, we work with companies in all stages of development.
Employee Benefits and Retirement Plans
We may assist your organizations in every phase of employee benefits and retirement plan consulting.
Management and Technology Consulting
The Performance Consultants work with client management to develop and implement growth and profit strategies that create breakthrough performance improvements in an organization’s people, processes, technology and intelligence.
Risk Management
Understanding risk and making informed decisions in response to uncertainty is fundamental to the development and execution of sound business strategy. Albataksa helps its client employ a practical, lean approach to mitigating, monitoring and managing those risks.
Real Estate
We provide transaction and consulting services to a variety of clients ranging from major national corporations and professional sports teams to small and mid-size regional and local businesses.

Wealth Management
Our mission is to address your financial goals efficiently and successfully, imparting comfort and peace of mind as we work hard to achieve your objectives.