Tax Services

Navigating through today’s tax environment takes the experience and expertise of top-notch tax professionals, who can help you, not only comply with increasingly complex regulations, but also help minimize their impact on your business. At Albataksa, our tax experts have been serving clients in this way for more than 17 years. Constantly changing rules and procedures means having a team who knows you, your business, and the tax implications that affect it.
Our seasoned professionals will tailor their approach to meet your specific needs, helping you to manage tax risk, control costs, and reap maximum tax benefits. At Albataksa we look at the ‘big picture’ so that you have the right strategies in place now…and for the future.
We provide tax advisory services that include the whole range of taxes and duties applicable in Albania which are:
Corporate Income Tax
Personal Income Tax
Property Tax
Value Added Tax
Excise Duties
Customs Duties
Local taxes, etc.
Accounting for Income Tax

Albataksa’s – Accounting for Income Tax Services offers comprehensive tax and accounting services and advice that helps companies successfully implement the rules and regulations associated with Income Tax in Albania.
Compliance and Preparation Services
Albataksa understands that in today’s business climate, you need a significant level of commitment, service, and expertise from your business tax accountant.
Extensive resources and experience? Personalized service? A fee structure that’s reasonable, easily understandable and delivered with no surprises tacked on at the end of the tax cycle? Dedicated and talented accountants who don’t burn out after each busy season and leave their firms in search of greener pastures? Professionals with a broad and deep understanding of tax law and all its implications?
To meet that challenge, we work with your organization at every phase of the accounting or auditing process.
Established in 1998 Albataksa is one of the leading accounting and consulting firms in Albania. Albataksa combines the resources of a small firm with the personalized, hands-on service of a small firm. We are committed to helping our clients navigate ever-changing tax laws and compliance issues in a cost-effective, time-efficient, and resourceful manner. And, we have the proven expertise and experience to create focused solutions for all of our clients’ taxation and auditing challenges.
Many of our valued clients have been with us for over two business generations—and we think that kind of loyalty says a lot about the way we do business.
Look to Albataksa:
Comprehensive tax preparation
Corporate tax outsourcing
Full compliance services, including broad experience and expertise with Income Tax
Year-round strategic tax-planning services, including tax alerts and transaction consulting
Representation before state and local authorities
Trust and estate planning and preparation
Outsourcing Services:
Hiring a Full-Time Tax Accountant Without Adding Staff
The costs associated with hiring, training, and managing full-time accounting and tax employees can drain key resources and negatively impact an organization’s bottom line. Let Albataksa be your tax resource and help alleviate the pressure. By partnering with Albataksa during your peak tax seasons and beyond, you can ensure you have the appropriate expertise in all areas of taxation and compliance, while avoiding employee burnout, hitting your deadlines, gaining confidence in the accuracy of your financial statements, and being able to more flexibly allocate your crucial in-house resources.
Representation before Tax Authorities
Albataksa understands that in today’s corporate environment, the requirements you and your business tax accountant must meet have never been more rigorous.
No organization looks forward to the prospect of appearing before a tax authority. But tax audits and investigations are a fact of business life—even for those taxpayers who consistently maintain best practices across their enterprise.
When you need representation before a taxing authority, you should choose a firm with a sterling reputation for integrity, excellence, and experience.
We are “the auditor to the auditors.” We’ve also been in business since 1998 and are ranked among the leading accounting and consulting firms in Albania. Our credibility, responsiveness, and reputation are key to your business success.
Albataksa will bring a depth of experience to bear when representing your organization before a taxing authority. Our comprehensive services include:

Representation before national and local government authorities in all tax and compliance areas
Strategic guidance in preparing for national and local tax audits
Proactive evaluation and identification of areas of audit exposure
Settlement negotiations
Theoretical queries about audit exposure areas that do not identify the individual client
Strategic Tax Planning
Whatever products or services your organization provides; strategic tax planning is a crucial part of your strategic plan if you hope to grow your business.
Progressive organizations need to stay true to their visions. And that means constantly re-evaluating their business practices and profitability models. You may well think about next week—but you also think about the months and years ahead.
Your business tax accountant needs to think the same way.
To meet ever-changing tax and compliance regulations, you need to take a year-round approach—and that means not getting caught with your guard down and tossing massive hours at the invariable problems that arise every time peak tax season rolls around.
It means implementing a strategic tax and compliance plan that allows you to leverage tax law to maximize profits while freeing your business to concentrate on what it does best—serving its customers.
Albataksa recognizes that our clients—both publicly and privately held companies—need more from their business tax accountant than ever before. A key way that commitment manifests itself is in the form of short- and long-range strategic planning.
Look to Albataksa for:
Focused, year-round strategic tax and compliance planning preparation
Tax alerts to keep you abreast of changes before they affect your organization
Transaction consulting that anticipates opportunities and risks associated with new business ventures—mergers and acquisitions, sales, internal expansions, etc.